User Guide

To embed any of your Canva designs into the Confluence page you need the following:

  1. The administrator should install the Canva for Confluence plugin into the Confluence instance

  2. The desired graphics should be created in Canva before embedding them into the Confluence pages. Please review the Canva tutorials on how to create graphics and templates with Canva.


Open the page in Edit mode


To embed the Canva design click the Insert icon and find Canva through the search field. Click on it.


In the opened configuration panel at the right insert the Canva URL.

The content from the Canva URL will appear in the Canva for Confluence block.



To get the Canva URL:

  • go to the

  • sign in or sign up

  • select the design you’d like to embed in your Confluence page (if you don’t have any you need to create the design first)

  • hover the design you’d like to embed in your Confluence page and click the ellipsis at the upper right corner of the chosen design

  • click Get view-only link to copy the link

In case you do not see Get view-only link in Canva, please use Share instead and manually replace the “edit” URL parameter with the “view” one. For example, the correct Canva URL will be as follows:



The following adjustments are available:

  • Width - Specified width of the design in pixels or as a % of the page width.

  • Height - Specified height of the design in pixels

  • Border style - Extra css border style properties

  • No print - option that allows skipping the design when printing / exporting to pdf

  • Anonymous Access - an option that allows anonymous users to access Canva design


Publish the Confluence page or Close to save the changes in the draft.


Note! All changes to the design made in Canva will be automatically reflected and applied to the embedded design in Confluence.