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This guide will show you how to use Smart Git Integration for Jira. This application is made with user convenience in mind, and using it is straightforward and easy.


Check out this article for more information on Jira and Git integration importance.

Smart Git Integration for Jira Cloud expands the standard Jira Cloud Issue page by adding more elements, such as Git Status side panel and Commits Issue tab panel.

  1. Git Status side panel provides a brief overview of current commits and branches connected to this Issue.

  2. Commits Activity tab panel shows more details about particular commits

As a user you are able to work with commits and branches by creating and viewing them directly from Jira.

Every change in the history of a project is represented by a commit. With Smart Git Integration for Jira your commits will be synced automatically and displayed on the Issue page in Jira.

Consequently, you have an opportunity to link to commits and branches directly from Jira.

Also you can view explicit commit diffs.

Check step-by-step manuals: How to work with Commits.

As for interaction with branches through the App — you can also synchronise your work with them from your Git provider with the corresponding task right in Jira.

Besides you can view branches sorted by the most necessary information (such as repository status, update time, history and actions) and check their updates.

Check step-by-step manuals: How to work with Branches.

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