Schedule Refresh on Tableau Cloud

How to publish data on Tableau Cloud and create a scheduled task

  1. Navigate to Tableau Cloud and log in with Tableau Cloud credentials.


  1. Create a Workbook or select the one that to be refreshed and publish it to Tableau Cloud.


  1. A Workbook can be published either from the Tableau Desktop or through Tableau Cloud.


3.1. In Tableau Desktop:

  • Navigate to Server Publish Workbook



  • In the “Publish Workbook to Tableau Cloud” dialog box, configure the various options for your data source like

    • Select the Location where you’d like to publish the Workbook

    • Give it a Name and description (optionally)

    • Click Edit link next to the Data Source to manage the data source publish type and authentication

    • set the Publish type = “Embedded in workbook” and Authentication = Allow refresh access

    • Click Publish to publish the Workbook


  • Sign in with the email associated with Jira as a Username and the Access Token as a Password.

3.2. In Tableau Cloud:

  • Click the Publish As button

  • In the “Publish Workbook” dialog box, configure the options for your Workbook like

    • Give it a Name

    • Select the Location the Workbook is to be published

    • Put a checkmark in the “Embed password for data source” option

    • Click Publish to publish the Workbook




  1. Navigate to the published WorkbookExtract Refreshes tab and click New Extract Refresh



  1. In the “Create Extract Refresh” dialog box configure refresh time according to your requirements and click Create.


  1. As a result, the published Workbook will be refreshed according to the configured schedule. The time of the last refreshment may be checked in the Last update column. There are available options to Run the Refresh now, Change the Frequency or even Delete the refresh in the Actions column.