Real-time Jira reporting and scheduled refresh

Users can publish the workbooks in Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Workbooks and extracts won’t refresh unless users apply a scheduled refresh on the extract.

Scheduled Refresh is the scheduling task that can be set for data extract refresh. Thus, users get refreshed automatically while publishing a report and dashboard with this data extract.

This also removes the burden of republishing the reports and dashboards every time the concerned data gets updated.

With Tableau Connector for Jira Cloud you can schedule refreshes to get the actual Jira data. For example, you can schedule a refresh for 7 a.m. and have all your Jira Tableau reports updated with actual Jira data until the beginning of your working day at 9 a.m. See instructions below.

Schedule a Refresh on Tableau Cloud

Schedule a Refresh on Tableau Server

Note! It is impossible to stream live Jira data to Tableau and have a real-time synchronization.

Based on the information from Tableau community, not all sources allow streaming live and real-time data in Tableau at the moment. Based on our customers' best practices, we kindly recommend using a scheduled refresh to get actual Jira reports in Tableau.