Explore Tableau Connector for Jira

In today’s dynamic business world, the power of data analysis cannot be overstated. It helps make timely decisions and empowers companies to operate more effectively. Using BI tools, companies can handle lots of different kinds of data to stay on top of things and find new business opportunities.

Enter our Tableau Connector for the Jira app, seamlessly integrating Jira into your primary data sources. This way, you can always have the latest and most complete project data. It’s like having a clear picture for making smart business decisions. Let our tool simplify your data and make your decisions easier.




What Does Tableau Connector for Jira Do?

Tableau Connector for Jira allows you to easily and quickly import any Jira data into Microsoft Power BI, including default fields and custom fields, history, worklogs, sprints, 3rd-party apps data, and more.

Check this tutorial for quick installation


Who Finds Tableau Connector for Jira Useful?

Tableau Connector for Jira will be useful for data analysts and business intelligence professionals who create the data models in Tableau. However, those without an analytical background can still navigate Tableau and create data sources.

Tableau Connector for Jira will be especially helpful for users without Jira admin skills, as it does not require any additional expertise to start using it. The app allows you to create URL connections easily, without any specific knowledge from the user side.

Why Use Tableau Connector for Jira?

Jira is a highly informative data source for any business. Therefore, integrating Jira as a data source into your Tableau expands your data landscape and allows you to view all your projects in one place. This facilitates timely decision-making and helps maintain focus. Using Jira as a data source for Tableau, team members can not only track their project activities but also evaluate results to determine overall business outcomes.


Tableau Connector for Jira Key Features


No-Code Tableau Jira Integration

Enjoy Tableau Jira reports and share them with non-Jira users. Connect Jira to Tableau in 3 steps:

  1. Create a data source and select any fields using filters.

  2. Copy the data source URL.

  3. Export data into Tableau.


Tableau Jira Reporting Without Limits

Build Jira reports based on standard and custom fields, and apps. Use filters to specify data export. Dive deep into Jira data and share it easily with non-Jira users.

  • Export any Jira fields including custom fields, history, Agile.

  • Calculated fields for exporting of issue time in status and issue time by assignee without other apps.

  • Data export from Tempo, Xray, Time in Status, Time to SLA, and many other leading Marketplace apps.


Safe Jira Data

Keep ownership of your Jira data. Manage data access and export with sharing and permissions settings. Be sure that sensitive Jira data is only available in Tableau based on Jira user roles and permissions.


How You Can Benefit from Using Tableau Connector for Jira?

  • Translate Data into information and visualize it to make proper decisions and plan your future business strategies. Improve efficiency within your organization and, as a result, increase productivity.

  • Keep all your data together to create actionable insights.

  • Use the full potential of BI software by different teams without any Jira access permissions concerns.

  • Increase ROI from BI investments, and enhance data governance.