Supported Add-Ons

The Jira apps data can be fairly important during business analysis, as they contain an essential information that is definitely useful when defining what steps to add to your business strategy.

Building analytics using Jira apps data in Tableau Software, you will better understand the time spent, project's cost and revenue, thus gaining greater control, and making your business decisions based on actual insights.

Read more about how to analyse Jira apps data in our blog.

Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio)

Advanced Roadmaps - the agile roadmapping app, built for Jira Software.

Elements Connect - external data fields

Elements Connect (formerly nFeed) brings your external data inside Jira custom fields. The app lets you configure how data is displayed and how often it is refreshed.

Insight - Asset Management

With a modern CMDB, Insight provides a structured view of your CIs/assets that you can link to issues with custom fields.

R4J - Requirements Management for Jira

When compared with basic Jira functionality, R4J adds important specific RM support like hierarchical structures, baselining of requirements sets and specifications, traceability, and impact analysis of requirements changes.

Tempo Budgets

Tempo Budgets is a financial project and portfolio management for SME's and large-scale enterprises implementing traditional or agile methodologies.

Tempo Planner: Resource Planning

Effective Resource planning across functions and real-time capacity reports to ensure efficient resource deployment - Tempo Planner.

Tempo Timesheets - Time Tracking & Reports

Tempo is the market leader in automated time tracking and resource planning solutions, giving organizations the insight they need to keep on top of project costs, plan resources and track customer costs and CAPEX.

Time in Status

Time in Status allows you to easily create reports on issues that show how much time each issue spent on each status, assignee, or group.

Time to SLA

Time to SLA - best-selling SLA app for Jira with 1000+ customers in 70+ countries.

User Profiles for Jira

User Profiles for Jira will help you to sync fields with Active Directory and keep your Jira issues updated. Extend your possibilities to filter and automate. Synchronize and display important information from Azure AD on Jira issues automatically. Select whose information will be displayed in the Jira issue and help users to be able to process issues properly.

WorklogPRO - Timesheets for Jira

Faster time tracking with Worklog PRO Timesheet

Xray Test Management for Jira

Xray is the fastest growing app for Jira, a success story in the Marketplace and now hosts an award-winning Support Team. More than 5,000 customers across 70 countries trust Xray.

Zephyr for Jira - Test Management

Zephyr is a flexible test management solution inside Jira, perfect for Agile teams focusing on Test Design, Execution, and Test Automation.

Zephyr Scale - Test Management for Jira

Zephyr Scale is a scalable, performant test management solution inside Jira with advanced test planning, reporting, and reusability features.