About Microsoft Forms for Confluence

Nowadays companies have to manage and share large amounts of structured and sometimes unstructured data to develop strategic business opportunities. Collaboration tools as Confluence help teams stay on the same page, share best practice and create knowledge bases easily.

In this regard, Microsoft Forms for Confluence can be useful by widening documentation with customizable forms, polls and quizzes to collect data and opinions that really matter.



Microsoft Forms for Confluence is FREE for small teams up to 10 users.


What does Microsoft Forms for Confluence do?

This application allows you to natively insert various polls, quizzes and other feedback collection options from Microsoft Forms into your Confluence pages. The form’s results page can be embedded to track progress or share rating.


Who finds Microsoft Forms for Confluence useful?

Microsoft Forms for Confluence will be useful to various businesses using Confluence for the knowledge base, internal documentation process, best practice collection and sharing etc.

Users can embed polls as well as their results into Confluence pages where necessary. This is widely used within project teams for development requirements, within business teams for people management and feedback collection, within operations to optimize processes. Actuality raises in the online cooperation environment.

Embedded polls can help collect external users opinion or hold customers survey.


Why using Microsoft Forms for Confluence?

Using Microsoft Forms for Confluence allows users to collect feedback and gather opinions, best practices and others directly in their main collaboration and documentation tool - Confluence Cloud. There is no need to switch to or insert external links to other software.


Learn more about the benefits of using Microsoft Forms for Confluence in this article.


Microsoft Forms for Confluence Cloud Key Features:


  1. Insert any of your MS forms easily, reshape or resize them to meet your Confluence page structure and design.


2. Hide MS Forms elements when printing your Confluence page with the No Print option.


3. Use anonymous access to collect data from a wide audience of unauthorized Confluence users.


4. Share responses and survey results and track progress directly from the Confluence page.


How you can benefit from using Microsoft Forms for Confluence?

  • manage polls and collect feedback using your Confluence space;

  • gather information from users about your documentation in Confluence;

  • get instant feedback and share it with your team or customers.

More about Confluence & Microsoft integrations can be found in this blog post.