Table Grid Next Generation

Note on Exporting Table Grid Data:
When using the BigQuery Connector for Jira to export data from the Table Grid Next Generation app, you may notice that the export process takes longer than expected. This is due to the method by which the data is retrieved: the connector must process each issue that fits the criteria specified in your filter.
To enhance the speed and efficiency of your data exports, we highly recommend using precise filtering. Employing a detailed JQL that targets exact issue keys for the data you need will significantly reduce the amount of data processed and, consequently, the time required for exports.


Table Grid Next Generation Overview


Table Grid Next Generation - is a smart solution to track your tasks, orders, and invoices in a structured manner and pull data from various sources.

Track milestones, releases, quote line items, employee history, products & more in easy-to-digest tabular form.

Table Grid NG fields are located in a separate tab.



How to Add Table Grid Next Generation Token


Table Grid Next Generation Token is required to view and export data.


  1. Being signed in to your Jira Cloud instance, select Apps, and then select Table Grid Next Generation.

apps_manage_your_apps (1).gif


  1. Select API Tokens (Under the TABLE GRID section).


  1. Select Add API Token.


  1. In the API Token label field, enter the name of your API token, and then select Create.


  1. Select Copy to clipboard.


  1. Select Apps, and then select BigQuery Connector for Jira.


  1. On the left-side menu, select API Integrations, and then select Table Grid NG.


  1. In the Token* field, paste your newly-created API token, and then select Validate & Save.



Table Grid Next Generation Tables Filtering


BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud offers filter by Grids.

  • If you need to export data from a certain grid, you can select it from the drop-down list in the filter.


  • If you need to export data from grids in a certain project, you can select it by using the Basic filter.