Xray Test Management for Jira

Xray Test Management Overview


Xray app allows users to manage all tests as Jira issues, monitor test coverage, and analyze test statuses. When building Jira reporting in BI software such as BiQuery, it is important to have this data to bring consistency to business analytics.

BigQuery Connector for Jira allows exporting Xray app data easily from Jira to BigQuery.

Xray Test Management Fields can be found in a separate tab.



How to Add Xray Client ID


Xray Client ID is required to export Xray data.


  1. Being signed in to your Jira Cloud instance, select Apps, and then select Manage your apps.


  1. Scroll down, and then select API Keys (under the XRAY section).


  1. Select Create API Key.

The Create API Key pop-up window will appear.


  1. Enter your name or the name of the desired user, and then select Generate.

  1. Copy Client Id and Client Secret, and then select Close.

  1. Go back to Apps, and then select BigQuery Connector for Jira.


  1. On the left-side menu, select API Integrations, and then select the Xray tab.


  1. In the Client Id* and Client Secret* fields, paste your client ID and client secret respectively, and then select Validate & Save.


Xray Tables Filtering


BigQuery Connector for Jira Cloud offers GLOBAL and LOCAL filters:







If you apply the MODIFIED FROMfilter, it will be applied to all Xray tables. If the filter is not needed for a specific table, you can deselect it individually for each table.


There are also JQL and Basic filters available to apply. Unlike the MODIFIED FROM filter, JQL and Basic filters are applied to the Jira issue itself. The MODIFIED FROMfilter is applied to Xray fields.


As per linking tables, JQL or Basic filter is applied to the main table only. All linking tables are marked with the link icon .


The TEST TYPE filter allows selecting the specific type of tests for export: Manual, Generic, or Cucumber. You can select only one type at once.


The TEST filter allows selecting the specific test(s) for export.

The TEST EXECUTIONS filter allows selecting the specific test execution(s) for export.

The TEST RUN ASSIGNEE filter allows selecting the certain test run(s) for export performed by a specific user (assignee).


If you need to export test runs for specific tests, simply select them using the Tests filter.


If the specific tests you need to export are already grouped within a single test execution, just select that test execution using the Test Executions filter. You can select a few test executions.


If you need to export test runs assigned to a specific user, select their name in the Test Run Assignees filter. You can select a few assignees.