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Tableau Connector for Jira can be used with Atlassian issued license only. You can install it on the Manage apps page or Atlassian Marketplace page like any standard Jira add-on.

You can find more information about it in this Jira knowledge base article.

Tableau Connector for Jira Trial Licenses

You can check whether Tableau Connector for Jira meets your business needs in your proper environment before buying it. For this purpose, Tableau Connector has a 30 days free trial license available at Atlassian Marketplace.

Please note that any trial period can be extended for 30 more days without Vendor or Marketplace approval up to five times before purchase. This is a by-default option which can be executed by generating a new evaluation license key from Atlassian Marketplace.

After all of your free evaluation licenses expire, you need to purchase the app in order to use it further. The easiest way to do this is to click on the Buy now button that appears when you type “Tableau Connector for Jira” in your Manage Add-ons tab.

Tableau Connector for Jira License Types

All Atlassian Licensing rules are applied to Tableau Connector for Jira as well as to all other add-ons.

Note! All Marketplace apps must match (or exceed) the parent product in terms of User Tier. For example, if you license Jira Software at 100-Users, and Confluence at 50-Users, all Jira apps must be licensed at the 100-User Tier, and all Confluence apps must be licensed at the 50-User Tier.

Tableau Connector for Jira offers the following license types:


Trial Licenses

Commercial licenses

Academic licenses

Community licenses






Yes (50 % discount)*



Data Center



Yes (50 % discount)*



*if you have an academic license for your Atlassian product.

(tick) You can find full information about Atlassian Licenses here.

Tableau Connector for Jira Refund Policy

We follow all standard Atlassian commitments on app purchases and refunds. You can browse full information on Atlassian Payments & Refund Section.

You can request a refund, exchange or upgrade of your Server / Data Center license during up to 30 days after the original date of purchase. After the 30-day period, standard pricing for upgrades will apply and exchanges/refunds will not be available.

Tableau Connector for Jira Free Licenses

We provide a free license to Atlassian Solution Partners for their internal use, testing, and demonstration purposes. To get a free license for solution partners, please send an email request to

FAQ about Licensing

Please check our FAQ Licensing section. The most common licensing issues are described there.

🔎 Find more information about Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use. Also, please check our End-User License Agreement for more details.

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