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  1. Make sure that repository you are committing to is registered in the system. Administrator of your Jira instance is able to provide this information.

  2. In order to link Git commit and Jira Issue, commit message should contain Issue key.

  3. Number of lines changed in all files of this commit will be displayed in Commits Activity panel on Jira Issue page.

Issue Page after



As you can see, our commit was updated synced automatically and now is displayed on Issue page. If it is still empty please wait a little bit as it might not have been updated synced yet.

If it's still empty, please check whether commit message actually contains Issue key. It is situated at the top, right after project name. It contains capital letters only with number after the '-' symbol.

If key is correct and git data is still not updatedsynced, repository might not be registered in the system. In this case please contact your administrator.