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By default configuration, a token for the Blank Query Connection is set to a one-year validity period since creation. However, you can adjust this duration based on your specific requirements.

This allows for precise control over token lifespans, aligning access management with company-specific needs.


Please follow the steps provided below to set up a custom token lifespan.


How to Connect to Power BI if ServiceNow Uses MFA/2FA/SSO?

How to Change Token Lifespan

  1. Being signed in to your ServiceNow instance, in the Filter navigator, enter Application Registry, and then select it from the search result.

Application Registry.gif

  1. Select PBI JWT Auth.

PBI JWT Auth.gif

  1. In the Access Token Lifespan field, enter the required validity period.


The validity period is displayed in seconds.

Set up Access Token Lifespan.gif