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Software Tables Filters


Although the screenshots in this article are from Power BI, the information presented here is also applicable to SQL Connector.

Each exported table undergoes its specific filtering process. Some tables use filters to concatenate data, meaning selecting more items expands the resulting dataset. In contrast, other tables use filters to exclude data by removing specific values. 

We will consider the filtering concept using the examples of two tables: the Sprint Issues table and the Sprint Report Charts table.

There are also two types of filtering schema that will be applied to the tables mentioned above:

  • Filter by Issues (default):


This filter is called by Issues because the system initially selects issues from boards to which these issues are linked through corresponding JQL filters.

Any set of issues located in the current Jira instance can be linked to each of these boards via JQL filters

  • Filter by Parent Boards


This filter is called by Parent Boards because the system initially selects sprints created on the corresponding boards (parent boards) and in this case, JQL filters are not considered.

No Software Tables Filters

➡️ If the Software Tables Filters are not applied, only the Boards filter will be applied for specific Software tables (Sprint Report Charts, Burndown Charts, Board Charts) from the Basic filter for issues.

➡️ The exception is the Sprint Issues table, where filtering can be done from the side of issues, and not only from the side of sprints.

➡️ If no basic filter is applied, the data is exported page by page without any filtering.

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