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Role required: admin or sp_admin

Integrate the application widget into a standard or custom portal page

  • Navigating to Service Portal > Service Portal Configuration to get the access to Service Portal configuration page.


  • Select Designer. Service Portal Designer is opened in a new tab in your browser

  • Select the target page to edit

  • Use the filter to search for a Tableau Connector Table widget, then drag the widget to the layout


Configure the Data sources table widget

  • Navigate to the page, where the Data Sources table widget is located

  • Open the context menu with the CTRL+right-click on the widget and select the Instance Options



Text field from the condition builder that can be used to limit the items returned in the data sources table.

Maximum entries

Limits the number of items displayed in the table. If there are more entries than allowed in the table, users can scroll to the next page.

Order by

The default field used for sorting the list of data sources.

Order direction

The default sort order for the sort field: ascending or descending.

Enable filter

Allow users to filter data sources.

  • Click Save

Configure data source form widget

  • Navigate to the page, where the Data Sources Table widget is located

  • Click on New button. The Data Source Edit Form page is open