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1. Generate PAT Token in
  1. Being signed in to your Zendesk

SELL account
  1. In your Zendesk SELL account, go to Settings > Integrations > OAuth, and click on Sell account, select ⚙️.

Select Settings.gifImage Added

  1. Scroll down, and then select OAuth.

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  1. Select + Add Access Token

button under Access Tokens tab
  1. .

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2. Fill in Image Added

  1. In the Description field,

can be anything, and make sure next checkboxes are marked
  1. enter the access token description.

  2. Make sure to select the following checkboxes:

    • Read access to all your data, except for the account and user info.

    • Read access to the account and users info only.

3. Press
  1. Select Save

  1. .

Image RemovedEnter description and save.gifImage Added


  1. Copy

and store
  1. generated

token somewhere safe, as it will is shown only once
  1. access token.

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2. Add Zendesk Sell PAT Token to Tableau Connector application

Open Tableau Connector for Zendesk Application, and select Tokens from

Before closing the window, make sure to copy your access token. You won’t be able to see it again!

Copy token.gifImage Added

  1. Go back to your Zendesk Support account, and then open Tableau Connector.

  1. On the left-side menu

  • Insert your Zendesk PAT Token into PAT Token field and press Add button.

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    1. , select Tokens, and then select Zendesk SELL.

    2. In the PAT Token field, paste your copied access token.

    3. Select Add or Update.


    If you add an access token for the first time there will be the Add button. If you want to change the access token there will be the Update button.

    Add or Update Access Token.gifImage Added


    Starting now, all users with granted permission to work with the data sources can select Zendesk SELL tables and fields for export.

    Zendesk Sell Tables.gifImage Added