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In order to export Reference type fields, first of all need to , ensure that data exist and is configured properly. Please follow step by step to check it.


4. The next case is when exported data is “sys_id”s in any Use display value switcher state. In this case, table configuration needs to be checked. For this, open the value of referenced table and check which one of the table fields has Display = true. Based on ServiceNow rest API exporter, data with only Display= true value will be exported. In this case, if only sys_ids are shown, it means all table fields are set as Display=false. Please follow the screenshots below to find out how to configure the table:


NOTE: In order to export not only parent-field but also its child-fields in-depth, use the dot-walking mechanism, that was implemented from Power BI Connector version 1.3.0. Navigate to Use a dot-walking mechanism to export Reference type data for more details.