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1. Import data into Power BI Desktop, create the reports or dashboards you need, and save your file.

2. Click Publish and Sign in with your Power BI Service account (if you are not signed in)

3. Select the workspace where you’d like to publish your report or dashboard. Click Select.

Power BI will start publishing your report or dashboard to your Power BI Service workspace.

4. After successful publishing, you may review your report by clicking on the link or by going directly to your Power BI Service.

5. In your Power BI Service:

  • select the workspace where you published your report or dashboard

  • under the Datasets find the name of your published report or dashboard and click on the vertical ellipsis

  • in the opened menu select Schedule refresh

6. In the Schedule refresh window select the data set for configuring scheduled refresh

7. In the Schedule refresh window:

click Edit credentials and provide your data source with credentials.

  • select Basic authentication method

  • enter ServiceNow user name and password

  • click Sign in

8. Expand Scheduled Refresh

  • set it ‘On

  • fill out all the fields to configure the refresh

  • click Apply to apply the changes

Now your data set will be refreshing according to the configured schedule.

8. To review refresh history click Refresh history