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Here you can find practical use cases of how you can benefit with Confluence forms macro with Microsoft Forms For Confluence.

Use cases are practical examples of how different companies create forms in Confluence to leverage their business efficiency and improve customer support and team collaboration.

Forms in Confluence are widely used by:

  • HR teams during recruitment process, employee onboarding or team opinion surveys;

  • IT and Support teams to know customer satisfaction or get reviews;

  • Content teams to know if the material or pages are useful.

Use Case: Team feedback collection with Confluence feedback form

You can collect team opinion on the following: corporate education, events, compensation package, used software, lately introduced changes etc.

Use Microsoft Forms to create polls and gather feedback from your team:

  1. Develop a survey with Microsoft Forms and add relevant questions depending on the data you wish to receive;

  2. Embed the form on the dedicated Confluence page and share the page with your team.

  3. Use the Net Promoter Score® question type to know the person’s satisfaction with the product, task, or any other thing you are offering.

You can also share the poll results with forms in Confluence. Once you have got the answers, embed MS Forms poll results into the relevant Confluence page.

Widen the results with comments, takeaways or possible decisions.

It is easy to collect feedback from your customers, investors, or partners, as the plugin allows people not authorised with your Confluence to take part in the survey.

Use Case: Recruitment Process

With Microsoft Forms For Confluence, companies develop a customized form for candidates to know better their work experience, education and skills.

Thus, it is easier to manage applicants flow and pick up the most suitable applicants.

Use Case: Event Registration Form in Confluence

Use Microsoft Forms for Confluence when preparing events to:

  • collect visitors' information

  • run event registration

  • gather questions to speakers

  • know visitors' expectations or special needs

Use corporate design for your Confluence pages can help promote company or product during the event, increase brand awareness and build trust.

Use Case: Confluence Knowledge Base Feedback

If you use Confluence as a knowledge base, both internal or public, you can use Microsoft Forms for Confluence to:

  • gather users opinion of the pages

  • collect ratings

  • get visibility of how useful each page is

  • archive the obsolete pages.