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Any Shopify store contains a variety of valuable data. For any business having the ability to export it easily is very important, as it allows to measure and analyze the key business indicators and implement necessary improvements in the product portfolio, inventory, operational or sales processes etc.

Exportier - Data Export allows you to export data from all fields in the key segments of your Shopify store:

  • Products 

  • Customers

  • Orders

  • Inventory Items

  • Product Variants

  • Draft Orders

  • Tender Transactions

  • Bank Accounts

  • Disputes

  • Payouts

  • Collections

It is possible to export data to .csv and .xlsx formats for further use and analysis or import it to other tools, such as Power BI, Tableau and others. Google Drive & FTP integration is also available to be able to export the prepared reports directly to Google Drive or FTP server and access them anytime.

What does Exportier - Data Export do?

Exportier - Data Export allows users to:

  • Export any combination of Shopify store data they need. The application offers various filters and options to select certain fields inside the data group. This can help make a precise selection of data and also save time for data preparation;

  • Schedule export and prepare the selected range of data automatically on a regular basis or to a certain date;

  • Use ready templates for data export including the most widely used combinations of datasets. It is possible to use the existing templates, edit them or create and save a new template based on the user’s business needs;

  • Get email notification when the report preparation is ready. It’s especially useful for the massive reports that take a certain time to prepare, as well as for the scheduled refreshes;

  • Export the prepared Shopify reports directly to their Google Drive or FTP.

Who finds Exportier - Data Export useful?

Exportier - Data Export will be useful to a wide range of users working with Shopify store data including, but not limited to:

  • store owners and managers

  • marketing managers

  • product owners, product portfolio managers

  • business analytics

  • purchasing specialists.

Here are some examples of how Shopify store data con be used to reach business targets:

  • A store owner can export the email addresses of recent customers subscribed to include them in email marketing, on a weekly basis;

  • Customer segmentation based on their characteristics and sales history allows to create dedicated offers and increase conversion rates;

  • TABC-analysis of product portfolio can help optimize stocks and purchasing process, as well as manage the margin.

Why using Exportier - Data Export?

Any e-commerce business has some room for optimization in terms of inventory, portfolio, pricing, customer service and other business aspects.

Being able to easily and quickly export the needed amount of data is crucial for business analytics.

Exportier - Data Export is a useful and convenient tool for exporting Shopify data.


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Exportier - Data Export Key Features:

1. Wide data selection opportunities.

Using various filtering and fields selection options allows exporting only the data needed instead of tons of unsorted lines. Convert your store data to CSV (.csv) or EXCEL (.xlsx) format easily. Save your export directly to Google Drive or FTP when needed. Get notified by email when your data preparation is finished.

2. Scheduled export.

Save time for data preparation with automated scheduled export. Set up the criteria and get the needed data regularly to a certain time.

3. Built-in templates.

Manage your data export with prebuilt templates. Make necessary changes or create your own templates for recurrent exports.