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Shopify store owners and managers with numerous products in a store portfolio often spend plenty of time and effort managing the assortment base. Small changes in product attributes can be crucial for sales, but killing for managers. When it comes to the price change, the impact on sales is even more obvious.

A simple and easy to use tool for bulk product management can be a clue. Editing separate items of product groups can be really time-consuming, and this is where Edited - Bulk Product Management can be extremely useful.

This is especially important for the SEO of your assortment, as it has a direct impact on your potential sales. Correct SEO attributes will allow you to get more key customers from organic search and higher conversion rates. 

Price changes on time (for seasonal discounts, special offers or holiday offers or general price increases) is important to any e-commerce business. To be able to edit pricing immediately and easily is possible with Edited - Bulk Product Management.


You can use our step-by-step guide on how to set up Edited - Bulk Product Management app:

What does Edited - Bulk Product Management do?

Edited - Bulk Product Management allows users to:

  • Use convenient filtering options and combine search parameters to select the necessary items and product groups for bulk changes;

  • Edit the major SEO attributes in bulk such as Meta Title, Meta Description, Human URL etc;

  • Edit the prices adjusting them by the amount or by %, round them up or updating the compare-at-prices;

  • Highlight the sale/off price after the price decrease to attract customer’s attention;

  • Preview the changes to be sure that the necessary changes are applied correctly to the relevant list of goods;

  • Save the history not only to revert the changes back if needed but also to analyse the previous changes and evaluate the efficiency of portfolio management.

Who finds Edited - Bulk Product Management useful?

The application will be useful to those Shopify store owners and managers who are aimed at collecting the most out of the possible organic traffic from the search engines to decrease the target lead price and increase revenue. Both current stores and newcomers.

Edited - Bulk Product Management will be a necessary tool for pricing specialists and marketers working on the mass price updates and sales.

The app will create value for product managers and marketing teams engaged in the store portfolio management and product promotion.

Why using Edited - Bulk Product Management?

Majority of Shopify stores struggle for leads cost optimization as it is one of the ways to profit and margin increase. Timely price changes and adjustments are a part of success.

Keeping a hand on your inventory and assortment as well as the ability to make necessary changes in product cards, pricing and descriptions quickly and easily is important to get as many clients as possible.

Edited - Bulk Product Management app will help save time implementing changes and in the final end increase your profit.

Edited - Bulk Product Management Key Features:

  1. Simple bulk portfolio editing. Use filters and combine the search parameters to find the items you need and apply the necessary changes.

2. Use templates to change SEO attributes easily or create your own editing rules.

3. Edit prices for your products as you need easily and quickly. Apply discounts, update compare-at pricing, round the prices up or down.

4. Changes History allows not only to revert the changes but also to analyse the previous changes and evaluate the efficiency of portfolio management.

How you can benefit from using Edited - Bulk Product Management?

  • Apply SEO best practices to your product portfolio to get more organic traffic to your Shopify store

  • Decrease the lead costs and increase the margin

  • Adjust prices immediately to be in market

  • Save time on bulk edits, analyse the results with change history and fully control the SEO impact on your sales.

Interested? Feel free to contact us to book a live demo and see the app in action now!